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Day #7 of Feeling Good Matters Challenge!

Eating Clean and Alcohol Freedom

A huge part of feeling good for me is the food I choose to nourish my body. We can be paralyzed by all the information surrounding eating. Fasting, Keto, calorie restriction, etc. To help guide me through the eating part of the 100 day Feel Good Challenge, I chose to make it as simple as possible, and something I could live with and practice forever. I also am consulting a few professionals that know way more than I do about nutrition. This ensemble includes:
Caitlin Shea - @beamsvillenaturopath
@lornadepetrillo - Cert. Dietician
@cathysimpson9050 Wholistic Nutritionist.

Through proper consultation, I may tweak some of the guidelines, but we will start simply with this:

These are my eating guidelines:
• no white sugar, white flour
• no processed food — Whole foods only
• no consumption of foods that disagree with me
• no calorie restriction
• eat when hungry
• eat a balanced diet ( between protein, carbs, fats)
• don’t beat myself up for not following the guidelines occasionally

It has been a relatively easy week to transition to my new food guidelines. With all the fresh local produce and fruits available this time of year, the choices are easy.

Energy level has been good. Desire for late afternoon naps are not as strong as pre challenge. Bloating has definitely decreased.

I did weigh myself and measure my waist at the beginning of the challenge , just for curiosity to see if there is any change in 100 days. My weight as of Sept 9 was 203lbs. Waist 36”. I will not weigh myself more than once a month. After all, its not about losing any weight. Its about feeling good.


I am absolutely a social drinker( or was a social drinker). On averaage I would consume 1 Tallboy beer per day. Doesn’t sound like a lot. But some days I feel I NEED a beer vs. wanting a beer. That scares me.
Quite often I would want that second beer. Sometimes I would have two, sometimes not. What I do know is that alcohol does not make me feel good physically or emotionally. That is why it is banned for 100 days —- maybe forever.

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