Adventures in Breathing

Day #6 of Feeling Good Matters Challenge!

Soulful Saturdays (literally and figuratively)

A massive part of feeling good for me involve reviewing my intentions and mindset each and every day, both in my heart and head.
Do you see building blocks or stumbling blocks? You get to choose.
I learned about a powerful “mindset expression” a few years ago ( and had it tattooed on my foot). AHAM BRAHMASMI

Shift your mindset and awaken to know YOU/ME are the universe. We are all connected. We are one. We are Aham Brahmasmi.

Here is how my spiritual daily practice goes:
It all starts with introducing your consciousness to aham brahmasme - an ancient Sanskrit phrase.
As you wake up in the morning
— open your eyes and say out loud aham brahmasmi
—I am the Universe, we are all connected.

Then repeat it out loud,
•when you are sitting down to meditate
•in the shower
•getting dressed
•heading out the door
• etc.

Say it at least 12 times before you even engage with the world outside your house.

Then throughout the day when you find yourself in a state of of overwhelm (nervous system dysregulation)
•Close your eyes
•Out loud say aham brahmasmi
•I am the Universe
•Place your hand on your heart

Then bring your attention to your heart, your most genuine self - which is pure, and whole, infinite and abundant . Realize you are a conduit to receive the divine gifts of the universe. You are limitless. Ever capable . Eternally worthy.

Do this practice every day... aham brahmasmi will become a part of your internal dialog . Blessings Brad🙏🏻.

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