About Us

Brad Fedorchuk

After a 19 year career in business, finance and sales, Brad began a new journey in 2012, to wholeness when he became trained and certified in hatha yoga, meditation and most recently somatic movement. He has since begun to teach the practical integration of stress management, mindful performance, yoga and meditation as well as conscious choice making into our real-world, modern day experiences.

Brad believes yoga offers so many benefits, however healing and grace are two of the most powerful and seemingly difficult benefits to obtain. Healing takes time and grace takes love and acceptance. Both of these are connected and found in the practice of yoga.

Yoga allows us to work through the discomfort of the moment. We wobble, we fall, and that is OK. We keep going. Brad teaches us to be comfortable with discomfort. As we learn to breathe on our mats, we concentrate on carrying that same breath off our mats. It’s the idea of being present strictly in that moment. When we accept the wobbling and the lack of balance and open our hearts despite the fear of wobbling or falling, our heart and minds align and we find our balance. When we open up and surrender, we find grace and in grace we find healing.

Again, that transfers off of the mat. We go through trauma of all sorts in our lives and we need time and space to heal. We can’t force healing. We may even feel a twinge of pain in our muscles from time to time that reminds us of an injury, it reminds us that we are weak but that we have the ability to heal and change.

Brad practices and teaches yoga to bring philosophy into action and to unveil the natural beauty of our spirits. He loves the ability of yoga to cleanse the mind and body which allows for presence of being. He relies strongly on his own practice and intuition to influence his teaching.