Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

Taking care of your employees, So they can take care of business
Reports show that job stress is a leading factor in health complaints. Long hours, deadlines, constantly being “ON” can leave employees feeling overwhelmed, worried and dysregulated.

Brad is helping people in business overcome stress and consider their full potential in their personal and professional lives.
Brad runs workshops and experiences to help your business have happier, healthier and more connected employees.
It’s time to take action!

Do you want happier, more productive and more engaged employees?

Your brain at positive performs significantly better than negative, neutral or stressed out.
By providing people the tools, education, support and empowerment to be less stressed, they can be at their personal best.

• Develop your employees
• Invest in your people
• Boost your business’ bottom line

Brad works with employees on:
• Stress – innovative neuro-sensory exercises to release stress from the body.
• Exercise – have all the energy you need
• Meditation – a systematic mindful based stress reduction program
• Relationships – connecting with co-workers and clients in a new way.
• Alignment – retrain your brain (neuroplasticity) resiliency and balance.

Brad will meet with you and go over the needs and goals of your business in order to develop a customized program. Please contact Brad for proposals and pricing.