Gentle Somatic Movement and Healing Yoga

Transcend trauma through somatic movement.

Somatic yoga is not a different style of yoga, but rater a movement therapy; a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves muscles. Small, slow and gentle movements are used to re-educate thee brain to allow changes in our habitual patterns, so that tight and restricted areas of the body relax and move more functionally.

The practice of Somatic Yoga allows you to deepen your yoga practice as you regain freedom and length in your muscles. This practice encourages self-awareness as you recover the natural intelligence that lives in your body. the benefits are many including improved mobility, strength and posture, reduced muscular pain and tightness, reduced headaches, frozen shoulder and acid reflux.

Many people experiencing anxiety, chronic stress and depression have found Somatic Yoga beneficial for reducing symptoms.