Current Courses

Move Stress, Trauma, and Anxiety Out of Your Body

6 week course
Nov.13 – Dec. 18

Course Outline

Week 1
Introduction to Stress and Nervous System Physiology: why it is important to understand.
Building Capacity and Resilience
Lab 1 Resourcing, Basic Orientation, Guided Orientation with head, neck and eyes (all neurosensory exercises)

Week 2
Biology of Stress #2
Follow your Impulses, Finding your Potent Posture (neurosensory exercises)
Vagus Nerve 101

Week 3
Breath Awareness
Discover your Diaphragm: shoulders and respiration
shoulders and pelvis
pelvis and feet
“dropping kidney/adrenals”(all neurosensory)

Week 4
Your body as a container for your emotions: safety and containment, finding your bodies boundaries, resourcing
Gut-Brain lecture plus neurosensory exercises

Week 5
Feldenkraisian Theory (the god father of somatic experiencing)
Continue to build a level of self-awareness that will allow you to start to shift how you approach not only your movement, but every action, thought, feeling and sensation

Week 6
Bell Hand: awareness exercise
Basic Joints: bringing presence and awareness to your joints
Healthy anger and aggression
Course summation